How does this service work?

You may contact us using the contact form and describe needed task, we will send you back the estimated token QTY needed.

Please provide URL, Joomla Version, Virtuemart Version and your ICQ number & or other specifications of need.

You can Purchase ONLINE SUPPORT with the required amount of tokens, 1 token = 5 GPB costs for you depending on the product available and services needed.

We will contact you via Icq or Msn after registration and together we agree the date and time of support to be provided.
In 75% of all calls, we need Admin- and/or FTP-Access or SSH to solve problems. Please download TEAM VIEWER tool prior the support.

At the start time we will contact you by Icq or Msn, you will need to provide Team viewer ID and Password in order for us to connect to you.

We are confident with our estimated time - Your purchased time covers up to 130% of real needed time. If this should be exceeded, additional time must be purchased based on new estimation. The job might be finished earlier then estimated, there no refund for this.
This work can not be done within a support ticket - please request a for custom development.We may ask the following.

  • (*) - Development
  • (*) - Database changes
  • (*) - Fix modifications of core file